Driverless transport system

The special USPs of the battery-powered and self-propelled AGV truck are, in addition to the SLAM technology, its compactness, fully integrated scanners for the travel path, and automatic fork adjustment.

In the design and construction of the AGV truck, special emphasis was placed on safety when handling and encountering the forklift. The design is able to deliver a high promise of safety through the design language as well as the confidence-inspiring materiality of the body.

With the production-oriented design, a high-quality product with a good price/performance ratio has been created. The smooth, clearly structured envelope contour with modern, passive front design and a striking angle element in the side view unmistakably defines the direction of travel, dynamics and function as a self-propelled "towing machine" for palletized transport goods.

Operation, maintenance, and service have been facilitated by a sensible and ergonomic design of the relevant product details. The body shell is largely free of protruding parts. Access for charging the batteries or changing the battery block is through wide-opening doors. The recessed handles are integrated into the wide parting lines formed as design features.

The route scanner is located in its exposed position at the highest point of the truck on a prominent bracket, which is an additional remote identification feature for this vehicle.

The design has created a significant identity that is brand-boosting and has a high recognition value.
and has a high recognition value. It forms the basis for a new and forward-looking corporate product design that will be successively applied to other Bleichert products in the future.




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