"Design creates value"

is not only the philosophy of our design agency Ottenwälder und Ottenwälder based in Baden-Württemberg. It is the design approach with which our experienced designers have been demonstrably creating or improving the ergonomics and usability, efficiency and durability of a product for over 25 years.

Industrial design and product design - excellent design for over 25 years

The founders and managing directors Petra Kurz-Ottenwälder and Max Ottenwälder work on products that are particularly valuable and sustainable according to the motto: "Design must be tasteless in order not to become a short-term trend phenomenon". Our work in the field of industrial design and product design has been awarded over 150 internationally renowned design prizes. These include the Red Dot Design Award, iF Product Design Award, Design Plus or Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany. Our projects range from furniture, lighting, electrical and electronic devices to complex products for medical technology and the packaging industry.

What you can expect from us

We see ourselves as a multidisciplinary and globally oriented design agency for industrial and product design. In the interest of our clients, we create brand-specific, ecological, economical and aesthetically outstanding products - including the corresponding user interfaces.

Our broad range of services includes:

• product design
• industrial design
• Design development 3D-CAD
• product design
• Material and process engineering
• Model and prototype construction
• Construction and toolmaking
• Design consulting and strategy
• Brand development and design
• marketing consulting
• interface design
• communication design

Customized design solutions for our clients

At Ottenwälder and Ottenwälder, we have developed our own design strategy: the Design Innovation Method (DIM). According to it, we put forward-looking design into practice. Each design draft consistently permeates the four-pillar theory of a design philosophy tailored to 4.0: function, materiality, flexibility and sustainability. Following the DIM method, the Ottenwälder and Ottenwälder design agency supports clients along the entire supply chain, creating design solutions that are optimally aligned with the concerns of responsible industrialization.
More information about the DIM® method https://ottenwaelder.de/de/methoden/

Industrial design is an image carrier

Ottenwälder und Ottenwälder has been accompanying world market leaders in industrial design and shaping for many years. For many of our industrial clients, design is more than just image - product design is an important pillar of the marketing strategy. Because industrial design and product design go far beyond the design of housings. That's why our projects also focus, for example, on the intelligent integration of third-party devices or the user experience (UX) of the devices.

Ergonomics, usability and efficiency

Individualization, standardization and efficiency considerations play the main role for our agency when designing innovative machines and systems. Industrial design conserves resources, strengthens comfortable operability, makes work easier, minimizes the use of materials and accelerates the flow of logistics. And last but not least, companies with an affinity for design set themselves apart from the competition.

What does design achieve?

Appealing, accessible and desirable - that's what products have to be today to be successful. This applies to consumer goods, but also to industrial goods. On the way there, the focus of our considerations for product designers is always on people: What must a product be like in order to serve the target group? How should it feel? What feelings should it trigger? What needs must it satisfy? In what way does it make the user's everyday life easier? What story does it tell them? What stories should users - enthusiastic about "their" product - tell their colleagues and friends?

Mechanical engineering and design: No contradiction

To be able to maintain an international leading role, engineering skill alone is not enough. Projects need to be implemented aesthetically. But not just for the sake of beautiful form, but to harmonize functionality, economy and aesthetics. Design creates a clear differentiation from the competition and significantly increases the value proposition of machines, systems and services. Investments in product design pay for themselves through higher product value and higher sales figures. But also through the cost reduction that an innovative design process can generate.

Design must be tasteless

"The more tasteless the design, the higher its potential for success," is the motto at Ottenwälder and Ottenwälder. "In the ocean of individually very different tastes, a well-designed product must have a significant intrinsic value that makes any discussion of taste superfluous," says Petra Kurz-Ottenwälder.
For our design agency, the user always comes first. An excellent product design can highlight the functions and features that are of particular importance to users. The operation of a product or a machine must be simple, intuitive, and easy to implement in the shortest possible time. The industrial designer's eye often opens up additional, new and surprising perspectives here.

Design creates values

"Design creates values" is our central promise. For Ottenwälder and Ottenwälder, there is no question that design not only optimizes the aesthetic quality of a product, but also opens up economic and ecological potential that benefits everyone. With our industrial design and product design, we create added value for your company, such as profitability, company growth, process efficiency, branding, sustainability, market share and much more.
More information about "Design creates value" https://ottenwaelder.de/de/werte/

Sustainable product design

When it comes to sustainability, (product) designers have a great responsibility. Because we are responsible for what is produced. A functionally and aesthetically appealing design is no longer enough. As an agency for industrial and product design, Ottenwälder und Ottenwälder combines sustainable design with ethical responsibility. We support manufacturers and companies in achieving sustainable success. Our product and industrial design is sustainable and relevant to the future, because it is characterized by long usage cycles, timelessness of design, and resource-saving production and materials. Thus, sustainable product and industrial design has the best prerequisites for new classics or products with cult status.
"We attach the greatest importance to design that is as environmentally friendly and socially acceptable as possible. We work towards resource-saving production methods and materials as well as ease of use," says Max Ottenwälder. "But we also have to think it through to the end: this gives the chance for products with cult status, for modern classics. And that in itself gives the products value."

Climate-neutral design agency - acting for greater environmental protection

We want to take responsibility for the biggest challenge facing humanity, climate change. That's why we actively engage and record our greenhouse gas emissions and offset them. Ottenwälder und Ottenwälder is one of the first companies in the creative industry to voluntarily offset its emissions in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol, which is binding under international law.
However, being a climate-neutral company is not enough for us. Together with our network partner Fokus Zukunft http://www.fokus-zukunft.com , we develop suitable sustainability and climate strategies for and with our customers, because we have to face up to our responsibility for an environmentally friendly future.

Well-connected in the design scene and the economy

Our work is characterized by the famous ability to think outside the box - but this is also reflected in our commitments alongside our work for Ottenwälder and Ottenwälder: Petra Kurz-Ottenwälder is a Senator in the Senate of the Economy / Senate of Europe, where she represents the interests of the cultural and creative industries. Max Ottenwälder is a Red Dot Ambassador. As an ambassador of the Red Dot Network he is one of the most renowned personalities of the international design scene.

Our customers

The list of well-known companies for whom we have developed profitable design to date is long: AEG, Buderus, ARAL/Deutsche BP, Mapal, Siemens, ROI EFESO, Hobart, Vermop, Gerhard Schubert, Schaeffler, Innogy, Murrelektonik, Schlegel and many more.