Societal processes of change, evolving consumer behavior, target audience movements, and trends significantly influence the perception of products and services.

We conduct in-depth analysis of products and their environments, along with their associated target audiences, examining ergonomic requirements, technologies, and trends. This enables us to create opportunities for differentiation in competitive environments. Always included: UX research and service analysis.

Combined with the expertise of our clients, comprehensive analysis forms the basis of every design development at OUNDO.


Every project needs a vision. Together with our clients, we define objectives, strategies, and costs, question briefings, and align them with the marketing and sales concepts of our clients. It’s about asking the right questions at the right time and competently answering them as guidelines for the project.


In the conceptual development of designs for products or interfaces, our guiding principles are target cost specifications, functionality, technology, ergonomics, and user experience.

Positive product semantics are essential for acceptance among the target audience because the human element is at the core of every design development. A clear, user-friendly product and navigation architecture provide structure and character.

With professional CAD renderings, we captivate our clients. Design models or mock-ups assist in choosing the right design. Our design concepts are forward-thinking, challenging, and always presented with their own narrative and accompanying marketing arguments.


Unearthing forward-thinking ideas is just the beginning; implementing them efficiently and industrializing them is among our core competencies. This includes generating definitive design data in 3D CAD software (SolidWorks), maintaining constant dialogue and technological alignment with product development and designers, and involving suppliers in the elaboration of the design. From material and surface definition to overseeing prototyping and usability tests, we’re involved in all design-related aspects.

Our coordination, motivation, and control of all processes up to the approval of the pilot series ensure that the end result is precisely what it should be: a cohesive outcome.


Post-design development processes such as naming, communication, staff training, trade show activities, and intellectual property rights are crucial for the success of a product or interface.

Here too, we provide support alongside our professional network, comprised of internationally successful partners.